A/VR (Augmented/Virtual Reality) - The digital realms of the cyberpunk. A/VR represents the technologies used to visalise and interact with the world networks and technology. Some chyberpunks prefer the totally VR experience, whereas others prefer to experience both the Virtual and Real at the same time via Augmented Reality.  

Seveal types of technology exist in the world that allow their users to experience the virtual to varying degrees of immersion and complexity

A/VR RigEdit

Augmented/Virtual Reality Rig - A collective description of the various devices/implants that provide a cyberpunk with full access to the cyber world. Provides a combination of both Augmented and Virtual Reality in the same package.

A/VR HeadrigEdit


A/VR Headrig and SkullCap

Describes a the headset component of an A/VR Rig. In older or more basic rigs this would be a somewhat bulky set of goggles with cameras, straps, and chunky ear pieces. Even older models have no SkullScan, so separate ScanCaps may be needed to get the benifit of neural command interfaces used by more modern systems.



CyShades with builtin SkullScan tech

More modern and advanced version of the Headrig. More like old sunglasses or "shades" and are a lot more compact and feature rich than their more basic siblings.



CyLenses and a Neural Jack with Plugs

Semi-permanent lenses worn/attached over the eyes, generally linked into implanted augments. CyLenses often have micro-cameras around their perimiters to provide the same camera functionality found in CyShades and the more basic Headrig.

Orbs / Cyber EyesEdit


Orb (Cybereye replacement) with Neural Jack and Plugs

Full eye replacements - advanced sphecrical cybernetic devices that are housed in a users eye-socket. These devices can come with all sorts of advanced ocular functionality.


Handgloves that contain both position tracking devices, and haptic feedback so you can touch/feel vObs (virtual objects) in the VR world. Modern versions are very compact and come in many fashionable styles. Old versions could be much bulkier and less appealing.

Neural Interfacing / ImplantsEdit

  • Neural jacks, Jacks - an implanted device with an externally mounted component with various connectivity options for plugging in fiberlines and other physical connections. Also provides sockets for installing Plugs
  • Plugs - small data storage / processing devices that can be used to extend the functionality of a neural interface provided by a Jack.
  • SkullScan - a technology that has evolved from the ancient EEG and F-MRI technologies, allows the precision monitoring of brain activity, which can be interpreted by a basic Low-AI, which can identify the patterns associated with distinct neural commands.
  • ScanCap - an older version of the SkullScan technology which is in the form of a cap or skull-frame worn on the head.
  • Brainlace - a device made up of nano-ElectroNeurOptic fibres embedded around and into the brain to provide a direct neural interface.
  • ElectroNeurOptic - ElectroNeurOptics is a technology that combines electronics, optical tech, and neuro-tech. Allowing computer systems to interface with neurological / biological systems.