Arch Ally is an underground faction based in New Angeles whose goal is the abolition of all privatized Cyber-, Nano- and Biotech firms, followed by the destruction of all the technologies these firms have developed over the past century. They believe that biotechnological progress has gone too far and must be stopped. Their more extremist members believe that humanity needs to return to a wild state, disestablishing life in settled communities and returning to a feral society of hunter-gatherers, and they do whatever is necessary to enforce their belief. Technically, they are cyberterrorists. Due to the wide spectrum of opinions this faction holds within, they are shoddily organized and some parts tend to break off and go rogue every now and then.

The irony of their ploy is that they are forced to use technologies developed by the very corporations they are determined to bring down. They call themselves "Arch Ally" in reference to that irony. They know full well that they must become what they hate to preserve what they love. They know that society sees them as an arch enemy, but in fact, they are an arch ally: An entity that must do a lot of bad to ultimately enforce the greater good.

They all run Arch Henix.


Arch Ally was founded in old Los Angeles after the construction of New Angeles began. Their original plan was to stop the new city from ever being built, but beside causing a small uproar with a failed assassination attempt on the vice president of Peacemaker Arms, they couldn't do much to even slow down the process.

Known Members and AffiliatesEdit

- Jackal