Brazil Edit

Brazil grew increasingly advanced partly because of money funneled into Brazil from other countries/ corps that was supposed to go towards building an orbital tower. They built a large base structure and its accompanied 2 mile high support system and magnetic acellerators. But as the project went on it became clear that of it was ever completed all sovereignty of Brazil would be eroded replaced by external cabals. Instead the tower was secretly converted into a massive military facility renamed Torre de Tamandaré complete with the largest laser and missile defence system ever completed. Brazil leveraged its ability to scuttle all satellites and orbital stations and deny future access through an induced Kessler Syndrome to secure its borders and sovernty. Today Brazil stands as one of the few "free zones" and is largely more egalitarian than other regions despite still dealing with domestic terrorism and powerful drug cartels. Brazil's major industry remains space technology. The Torre de Tamandaré's laser system and magnetic accelerators can be used to launch SSTO vehicles all the way into high orbit or beyond.