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Welcome to the Epoch:Human WikiEdit


A CyberPunk world, collaboratively created by the members of /r/ProjectCyberpunkWorld on reddit.

The future is waiting. Join Us.

For an easy introduction to the world, check out Wiki Content.

About Epoch:Human Edit

The /r/ProjectCyberpunkWorld  reddit community was founded with the idea of the collaborative creation of a CyberPunk world by members of that community with an interest in world-building and cyberpunk culture. 

This wiki is intended to be a central repository for the canon of our cyberpunk world, which has been named Epoch:Human by the community.

We hope that many new in-world storylines will be created by contributors and others, based upon the shared canon background contained here.

Please feel free to visit us on reddit, and join in the world of Epoch:Human..

Create some threads to throw your ideas out there. All things that could be considered canon will be in the wiki.

Remember, we are creating a specific set of rules that will make it easier to organize the project.

Please contact the owner of the content if you get it from an outside source. Rights for shared use must be included in the post.

All work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Unless The content creator states otherwise

Why "Epoch:Human" ?Edit

The name Epoch:Human was chosen by the subreddit community via a poll. The name was proposed by tercentennial who described it as follows:

"Epoch: Human. Taken from neural net computing an Epoch is the start/end of a neural net computers training step. The human implies that we are being studied and observed while it doesn't reveal why a computer is being trained on humanity or what training a computer would need on us for."