Human ModificationEdit

Human modification encompasses genetic and cybernetic alteration as the two most common as well as the less common nanomods and mixed modification.

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Bio ModificationEdit

  • ===Types. I.E. grown and implanted, germ-line or carcinogenic injection.===
  • Uses.
  • Sources I.E. Mass Market, Hacked Proprietary Date or Back Ally Designed.
  • Side Effects.

Cyber ModificationEdit

  • Headrigs: Old, cheap, but workable. Has rough netgloves.
  • ScanCap: The lowest of the neural interface devices.
  • CyShades: pretty good neural interface device, low profile.
  • MeshNet: non-monitored bodynet.
  • Implanted neural interface devices: CyLenses and brainlances.
  • Telecommunications package: enables the user to receive/transmit messages without audible sounds
  • Social Enhancement package: enables the user to directly monitor behavioral patterns/changes, non-verbal communications.
  • LED Tattoos
  • Dermal Stealth armor: the most expensive commonly found armor. Nanites migrate into the skin in vital areas and form protective shields under the skin, where they solidify into plates. This is used by most of the wealthy, almost all government officials, and most corporate and criminal leaders. The upside of this armor is that it can be used in conjunction with any armor that isn't integrated into the users skin, and it is externally invisible. The downside is that it's less of a first line of defense, and more like a last resort- it only covers vital areas and it heals fairly slowly over the course of hours. Furthermore, it's under the skin, which can still be damaged normally. However, it can stop a bullet or a knife effectively, and has no real health risk.  


The cheapest of the expensive. It's a living shell of nanites that integrate into the wearers skin, meaning it's pretty permanent. The nanites also increase the wearers senses slightly.Expensive. Not terribly different from type A, except that it makes the user heal more rapidly and can repair organ damage. Used by medium-level corporations and government officials, as well as criminal organizations big enough to do real damage if they chose to. Cyber-Organic users are susceptible to Magnetron Cannons as a viable means of incapacitating them. Also, the nanites are limited in number- the armor eventually "runs out" as they're destroyed.

Bio-Nano TechEdit

This is like Cyber-Organic on steroids. The wearers skin is fully replaced by nanites. It provides greatly enhanced senses. This is only used by the particularly wealthy, the heads of corporations, some government officials, and elite government military units. Replacing the skin with nanites is incredibly painful, but also beneficial. Users gain 360 degree vision and superhuman senses, except they lose their sense of smell and a significant amount of taste. However, they are also able to directly interface with electronics, and their body becomes a modular weapon- they're able to integrate small weapons into their body at any time. Furthermore, they're nearly impossible to kill- as long as their brain is intact, the rest of their body will reform and repair itself in less than a minute. The downside is that a powerful magnetron attack will leave them writhing on the ground in pain, without skin.