IGen Corporation (Origins and History)


IGen Corporation logo

The IGen Corporation was formed in the mid-21st century by CEO and founder Benjamin Abbey. IGen took advantage of the unstable government and massive economic crises to absorb weaker companies and grow in size. With GDP down, national debt at an all-time-high, and a government completely absorbed in foreign affairs and personal infighting, IGen lobbied its way into becoming a government-granted "virtual monopoly," becoming the central distributor for a wide range of products while still allowing for some competition (though these brands were often considered secondary due to IGen's massive branding and exposure).

IGen started with computers, then branched out to general electronics, multimedia, the full technology spectrum. IGen then formed various brand category division to sell in new fields: clothing lines, food and drink, medicines. Military contracts spawned weapons tech divisions that ran parallel to the technology division. Over time, the medicine and technology division formed a collaborative division in bioengineering and genetics, forging ground in artificial organ production and productive organ cloning. With this progressive research, IGen planned to revolutionize the Human Condition by redefining the limits of mortality.

IGen's "Golden Age" ended with the tragic death of Benjamin Abbey in a disaster that destroyed the central research laboratory, followed by an exposé regarding the questionable ethics of IGen under Abbey's reign. While the exposé was ultimately quashed, this massive shake-up, coupled with the rise of other opportunistic corporations eager to stake their position amidst the now-weakened IGen, reduced IGen's position dramatically. Other corporations achieving IGen's projected goal of Medical Immortality also greatly reduced IGen's position in the global market, unseating them as a virtual monopoly. Multiple divisions were shut down as IGen focused exclusively on their maiden division in technology and their newest Bioengineering division.

IGen is currently headed by descendant of the founder, Peter Benjamin Abbey II.

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