Jackal is a cutter living in New Angeles and Los Angeles. He works as an info broker most days, but is also affiliated with Arch Ally, a mysterious underground group of cyberterrorists.

His name and origin story are known to nobody but himself, icluding Alec, his long-time partner in crime. It isn't known exactly how old he is, though by his looks he is around his mid-thirties. What is known, however, is that he has CIS, making him incompatible to most enhancements, save for select neural nanotech. He's missing both legs and is incapable of replacing them with high-quality cyber legs, so he rolls around in a self-designed wheelchair. However, his lack of physical prowess is more than compensated for by his mental capabilities. He calls himself the best in the business, as do many cutters, of course - but he has quite a bit to show for it, with over twenty years of cutting experience.

Jackal has a slight accent that suggests he may have grown up in Eastern Europe.


Created by /u/mrironglass