With the completion of the New Angeles project, the lower levels of the city has remained in a sort of futuristic retro style era with fashion not moving beyond a decade or two past the turn of the twenty-first century. As the main objective in Los Angeles is to blend in, bright colors are kept a minimum. Like New Angeles, most clothes are stain/water/fading resistant, but with the addition of microfiber weaves designed to resist small caliber arms fire. Clothes are more utilitarian in use and do not mask the enhancement mods of those living in Los/Old Angeles. However, those with CIS (Cybernetic Incompatibility Syndrome) often bare the scars of implant rejection, thus prompting the use of LED and traditional ink tattoos to hide them. While most communication hardware are planted sub-dermal in New Angeles, users in the lower levels still use pieces similar to a Bluetooth device.




Young Adult Fashion, Old Los Angeles, 2150


His skin is pale due to living in perpetual darkness and he has a IR led tattoo to help thwart Bio-Metric cameras near New Angeles facilities encroaching into Los. He also has implanted Mirror shades one of the very few mods he could afford as a low level runner for one of the cartels. The mask aside from providing another level of anonymity helps to filter out the worsening smog for someone who cant afford an implanted breathing filter. Reddit user: tercentennial