Medical Technology Edit

In the world of Epoch:Human, Medical Immortality is possible. Through the efforts of the first generation of immortals the cost was set perpetually out of reach for all but those with the money or power equal to the heads of the largest Mega Corps. Many crime bosses have been able to acquire the required tech for themselves but conversely they are also the most wanted by the Corps. For those without the means to live forever the average level of medical technology available can vary between eastern medicine mixed with a little gene splicing in the ingredients or the tips of acupuncture needles all the way to a near dark ages level of care. The most common western form of medical technology seen are mods made by BodyPhreakers. These gutter Docs also called PhB's generally don't treat or cure so much as chop off and replace. Actual medical knowledge outside of eastern medicine is tightly regulated though this doesn't stop back alley practices. Most western non-modification practices are a generation or more behind what's available to the ever living elite.



For mind altering "Drugs" see here Common drugs that produce a therapeutic effect in the world of Epoch: Human are largely based off of current world pharmacology as most therapeutic treatments being researched in the future moved on to gene splicing and gene therapies.