NECT (Neurally Emulated Command Terminal) is a way for hackers and cyber-heads to interact with a terminal through thoughts alone. feedback from the terminal will be relayed as voices in your head (like what a schitzophrenic might hear) or instantly loaded into your short term memory. Often called telepathy in common speech. If you wish you can redirect the terminals feedback to a screen or cyber goggles. preferred when you are working on big things that you can't remember all at once. every NECT user has a terminal key, A prerecorded memory, word, image, whatever that when thought of will input your following thoughts into the terminal util its closed.


NECT commands are written on the following syntax.


[CMD :: argument0 : argument1 :: option]
>response from terminal

For example:


[LOAD :: coilgun : bolt-incendiary]
>Incendiary bolts loaded to coilgun

[SET :: target : crosshair-getTarget]
>Target set to input from vision crosshair module

[FIRE :: coilgun : target :: RELOAD]
>coilgun fired; incendiary bolt loaded to coilgun.


Most NECT users have customized commands to operate faster. so to a combat cyborg the above might look like:

[LNCH :: coilgun :: RE]

A row of asterisks represents clearing your mind. essencial to avoid mixing your private thoughs and your commands. double colons "::" is used as a separator and ":" is a separator between arguments. Commands and options are written in all caps but arguments are not.


Unlike VR or AR you can't tell if someone is interacting with NECT. If you need to be discreet NECT is the way to go. ofcouse, a strong mind is required to operate NECT as you need to think commands clearly and without distraction. Most people don't use it like most people in the real world don't use the command prompt.