The city of New Angeles exists today 150 meters on top of the old city of "Los Angeles" with a total area of 20,000km2

It was originally planned to be built in the ocean next to the city of Los Angeles, but as with everything in large cities, corruption came into play. Construction companies paid good money for the city to be built "the hard way" and the final decision was made to build it on top.

The excuse was that Los Angeles and New Angeles would be completely integrated and there would be many modes of transport between the two. Many roads going up from los angeles to the new city would provide ample traffic ways. And thousands of 100m2 elevators were built. After crime rates began to rise most of the roads and transport between the two cities were closed permanently.

It's purpose was to revitalize the economy and insentivise growth. While the new city was considered a success, the old city of Los Angeles became the world's largest conglomerate of criminals and mafia, its permanent dark state helped to keep crimes hidden, though in actuality criminals no longer try to keep their activities secret.

As a response, the city of New Angeles, cut off direct transport from the old LA that existed through a series of enormous elevators (now abandoned) and roads.

The only means of entering New Angeles from Los Angeles now is through the few remaining open roads that are heavily guarded and patroled. As a result these roads are in a permanent state of traffic jam.

The increasing danger and ungovernabilty of the city of Los Angeles has prompted several debates as to whether or not it should be demolished and its people relocated to different cities around the federation.

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Dirty NookieEdit

A low life night bar / strip club. (First mentioned in Looking for Tracy Tzu)