With an influx of capital from several corporations, the artistic styles of the upper city reflect the origins of said corporations. The most dominate being Pan Pacific influences, with the advent of the Mandarin collar similar to that of an upturned collar or turtleneck. While most residents of the upper city have non-visible enhancement mods, the few that don't often take measures to ensure their mods are hidden to continually maintain the status quo between augments and non-augments alike. Continuing with the stealth concept, in the traditional office work place, long sleeved outfits are dominate, traditionally in hues of black, white and grey. Bright accent colors are found in accessories such as a pair of blue ear rings or a bright red scarf. With continual advancements in material science, most clothes in New Angeles are stain/water/fading resistant while getting rid of the "weight" of clothes. The use of buttons has made way to the use of small, silent fasteners found on the inside of clothes to present a seamless, one-piece sort of look.



Black Satin Dress Shirt with a Mandarian collar

Young Adult Fashion in New Angeles, 2150