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The Money of Epoch: HumanEdit

The monetary system as it appears in Epoch: Human was created through a collaboration between Thirdilemma , WhatWhatHunchHunch and ViolatorMachine .

The System encompasses the officially agreed upon world currency called the Federal and the underground monetary network called SafeHaven.

The FederekEdit

F alphabet

The federek uses a stylized F as its currency symbol. Also called the Rek it has a 3.5:1 exchange rate to today's USD.

Example: "That pack of ciggs is going to cost you 18 rek" so a pack of ciggs= 5.14 USD with tax = 18 rek.

The Federek system is a completely digital currency much like today's Bitcoins. The exact value of the Federek fluctuates on an almost hour by hour basis. Manipulation of the world wide stock markets by computerized trading systems create fund fluctuations almost too fast to follow.


A hardware based monetary system that logs goods and services for exchange on a series of mobile servers for transfer from peer to peer outside the Federek system.

Its applications are limited due to the small numbers of users however it's the only monetary system that isn't tracked.