World News Tonight is the flagship evening news programme produced by the Elysium News Network. It is presented by Adriana Pryce.

Special BroadcastsEdit


Adriana Pryce (2145-present)Edit

Adriana Pryce is the anchor and managing editor of World News Tonight, the evening news programme of the Elysium News Network, a position she assumed since the show's inception in 2145. Adriana is a celebrity in her own way, being the face of the Elysium News Network, delivering the news with an almost uncanny grasp on current affairs, while still maintaining the ideological biases of the network. In keeping with her public image worldwide, Adriana has a number of sub-dermal augmentations, each used to further the network's agenda while on air. Augmentations including a telecommunications package enabling Adriana to receive and transmit messages without generating audible sounds for on the fly broadcast changes and a social enhancement mod for direct monitoring of behavioral patterns/changes and non-verbal communications.


Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent

Chief Science Correspondent

Chief Legal Correspondent

Chief Medical Correspondent


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